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 Post subject: How to Read OBD2 Code and Reset the ECU by nissan consult 3?
PostPosted: 02 Jan 2013 14:35 

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Nissan Consult 3 is obd2motor diagnostic tool for almost all Nissan car model from different region including Japan,North America, Europe.Nissan Consult 3 is equipped with various functionincluding simultaneous self-diagnosis of an entire system or data recorder.


you can use the nissan consult iii read the trouble codes and reset the EC on your Nissan cars, and right from home without using any specialized tools. The On-Board Diagnostics II computer (OBD-II) receives and stores trouble codes. It alerts you to malfunctions by illuminating warning and service lights on the Nissan's instrument panel. Look up the meaning of the codes in the Nissan's owner's manual.

Below obd2motor sharing how to use the nissan consult iii plus-------Read Nissan OBD2 Code an Reset the ECU.

一. How to Read Nissan OBD2 Code by Nissan Consult III?

1.Put the key into the ignition and turn it to the "on" position. and then connect the Nissan consult ii with your car's OBD-II cables,

2.Locate the trim panels in the front part of the center console. Remove them using a screwdriver. Find the Nissan's OBD-II computer, which is attached to a bracket on the transmission tunnel.

3.Rotate the diagnostic mode selector using a screwdriver. choose the right mode of Nissan Consult III obd-ii scan tool, This is a small hole that can be found on the side of the computer. Turn it until it won't go any further. Next to the hole are red and green LED lights.

4.When these lights quickly flash three times, immediately turn the nissan consult 3 iagnostic mode selector counter-clockwise until it won't turn any further.

5.Notice the flashing red and green lights of Nissan Consult III, and count how many times each of them flash. The red lights are the first digit and the green lights are the second digit. So, if the red light flashes four times and the green lights flash two times, then the error code is "42."

6.Turn the vehicle off and put the trim panels back in place. Look up the code numbers of Nissan Consul 3, and in the owner's manual to understand their meaning.

二. How to Reset the ECU by Nissan Consult III bluetooth OBD2 Scan tool?

Disconnect the negative (black) cable of Nissan Consult iii BD2 Professional Diagnostic Tool,and including the car battery terminal, place to the side and ensure it does not touch the vehicle.

Disconnect the positive (red) cable of Nissan Consult 3 ith Bluetooth, also with the car battery terminal, place to the side and ensure it does not touch the vehicle.

Pump the breaks or press the horn several times to drain the remaining power from the vehicle's electrical system. This allows for the capacitors (which store energy) in the ECU to fully deplete.

Leave the cables disconnected for an additional 5 minutes to ensure full depletion of energy from the ECU capacitors, then reconnect the Nissan Consult III OBD2 Cables. The vehicle's ECU will now be reset.

Nissan ECU Reset Through Multi-language Nissan Consult iii ehicle Diagnostic Tool

Locate the ECU under the driver's side dash of the Nissan. Remove the two nuts (usually 10mm) holding the device in place to fully access the ECU.

Place the starting key into the ignition and turn the key until the electronics mode is engaged. Do not start the vehicle when Nissan Consult iii is connected.

Find the screw dial on the ECU. This dial is used to access the stored engine codes. Place a flat-head screwdriver into the dial and note the position of the screwdriver (not yet turned). The position noted is the original position and will be used to return the ECU to its normal state after clearing the codes.

Turn the dial clockwise until the dial stops turning. Pause one second and turn the dial counterclockwise until the dial stops turning--any error codes present will now be flashing on the dash through a series of blinking/flashing lights.

Turn the dial clockwise until the dial stops turning and wait for the flashing to stop. Once the flashing has stopped, pause one second and return the ECU to its normal state by turning the dial to the original position. The Nissan Serena's ECU should now be cleared by the Nissan Consult 3 bd scan. Remove the key from the ignition and return the ECU module to the original position. Install the retaining screws.

Please welcome to our web: to get the Nissan Consult iii software download or Nissan Consult 3 manual.
or contact sales betty's skype: ADKobdtools.

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